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March 4, 2010
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Napoleon: Total War by OmeN2501 Napoleon: Total War by OmeN2501
Promotional image I did for Creative Assembly and SEGA for "Napoleon: Total War" game.
Napoleon might not look like one you remember form old oil paintings because producers had their own vision of that character. More bad ass that is ;]

Let me know what you think

All rights reserved SEGA & Creative Assembly
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That is fucking awesome. How was the game?
Is that Horatio Nelson?? <3
He didn't really think with the brain when he attacked Russia. Russians are NOT stupid you know. 

Anyways, very nice piece of art! :iconfanboyingplz:
With picrure like this one can never go wrong by saying:
Some men live and die in the shade of their olive trees, others change the world, even in defeat.

La mort n'est rien, mais viuvre vaincu et sans gloire, c'est mourior tous les jours
Napoleon was one of the greatest war chiefs in whole History. You wouldn't want to deal with him.
NagandEmerald Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
*Nag* Indeed. Napoleon is probably the greatest military mind known to man or woman. Hell, he almost succeeded in taking over Europe.
It will never stop amusing me that a little fatty corsica officier who was bullied by everyone would step up, and conquer all Europe...

How that little person, that tiny general sent to Italy just to take the responsability of the defeat, would do what nobody would ever expect him to do : Win.

At a time were France was in war against ALL of Europe, and where voices started to regret the King, he came, with fire and swords...

He changed France.

He, he made what we never thought France would ever be...

He made us, my country, strong.

He made a huge army, which none could defeat, which none could resist.

He made a new society, were everyone was free from religions, yet could have one without any problem.

He created a code by which everyone's property was recognized, and everyone's work DID matter.

He won.

He won in Italy.
He won in Egypt.
He won in Spain.
He won in Prussia.
He won in Russia.

Everywhere he went, he would kill and burn.
But from that blood shed, would appear something greater...

He defeated the Kings and Tyrants, and allowed new societies to be built.

Today, France is nothing of this...

Today, we are miserable lickspittles to America. We are nothing. We are weak, corrupted, led by politicians who do not act and laugh with their cheeks full of fat. We are this. We are France, we are a broken country, mocked by everyone. Our army, despite the courage of our soldiers, must fight with little sticks and rocks.

But, that situation, is strangely familliar...

It was the same thing during summer 1789...

And when we, french, see how our country is today, we can look at the past.

We can see how everytime during our history, when we were weak, selfish and miserable, we stood up together, triumphed, and in the end, became greater.

It happened every time during our history, wherever our leader was called De Gaulle or Napoleon, everytime our army crushed our ennemies.

And it is at this time, that we can say that :

Impossible n'est pas franšais.
passing37 May 12, 2013
Its time to hang some bankers and their political collaborators.

And to end the banker project to impoverish us all and enrich them (name of the project is 'Euro').
scorpio-bos Apr 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Napoleon never won against Russia, Russia pretty much annihilated the french forces. However, he was a great man. And he did pretty much conquer most of mainland Europe. Respect :)

Also, love this image. You did a great job with napoleon, and the whole pic :)
Hikarilover123 Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Russia did not win, per se; The French failed the invasion because of the rough terrain and weather. The only real kills made by the Russians were when the French had their back turned as they left.
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